Not Just on Sunday

Not Just on Sunday


Hand stamped half circle, stamped with "not just on Sunday". 

The time between Sunday, and Sunday seems like forever. And honestly, some days, the time between Monday and Tuesday, also seem like forever. 

It feels like an eternity since I've seen family, friends, my kids teachers, my church family, and even some neighbors. 

We are hunkered down in the safety of our personal space, grasping at every breath of connection we can muster, and maybe feeling a little bit alone, or..a lot alone.

...I desire hearing voices, seeing faces, the reassurance that people are still there, that they are thinking of me, and I of them, that I am still loved, and too, reassure the ones I love, that they are too.

...its a simple smile in the halls, hug in the sanctuary, smile in the checkout line...that says "I see you."'s a question posed that seeks depth, insight into your being, a "how are you, "I was praying for you", or maybe "I saw this and thought of you"...

-In these times, our face to face contact has come down to screen time with those we love in a 3 inch box, 6 feet of distance thru a cord attached to our computers, social distancing coming down to anticipation of gathering as a church family on Sunday, from our own couches, a text message from a friend you would give anything to hug, an email, an instastory....

We are missing gatherings, school field trips and theater productions, graduations, vacations, weddings...funerals, holidays usually spent in togetherness, birthdays celebrating turning into a teenager or reaching a milestone year...we may be grieving the loss of time together, traditions, normalcy, new beginnings and endings that came too soon...

...We may be a sidewalk apart, miles apart, states apart, but we are all held by the same big God, wrapped in His arms, held and gently rocked to a peaceful stillness, together. He is our connection, communication, comforter, our common place. It is thru Him that we will give and receive love and grace, forgiveness and redemption, joy and hope, giving us the ability to spread it all like wildfire, standing arm in arm, firm in Him.

Days and weeks may feel like an eternity, but let us remember, we are in this together every single day, not just on Sunday.

Hanging on a 20" chain. Please message prior to ordering if you would like a different length chain. 

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