Finding Faith in Transition


The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

Long before 2020 hit, the tension of transition was strong.

•My business was being transformed, my message was changing along with the changes in my life and I wasn't sure where to take it, what to do with it, and honestly, what the future of Blessed Little Bird would look like...

•Relationships had begun to change all around us. People left, people came. We learned to let go of some and trust others, to create boundaries never formed and open up to others in ways never could before. Connections that had formed over a lifetime were either dissolving or growing, and it made everything look, and feel, different.

•The stirring in my heart for change, something new, an adventure only began to grow, a fresh start and a new chance to find connection and purpose again... but the wait for the release was making me feel more and more weary.

•New restrictions, laws and governing bodies began to force me to rethink how I care for my kids and what compromise truly looked like.

The tension began to run through our home like a water leak in the bathroom, slow and steady, as we all became increasingly agitated and uncertain.